The Firm

BARROSO | HERNÁNDEZ was founded in 1988 by Mr. Ignacio Barroso as a professional firm specialized in intellectual property law. Overtime this firm has grown with its clients, offered new services and joined new valuable partners to the firm.

We offer a wide range of professional services related to the intellectual property law: we aim to be the strategic IP partner for our clients offering the set of legal protection of inventions using patents, copyrights and international trademarks. Also we have expertise in document examination services, a forensic science discipline pertaining to documents that are (or may be) in dispute in a court of law.

Our office is structured in two departments identified by their own trademarks. Protecciona® corresponds to the Patents and Trademarks Department; and Documenta® corresponds to the Document Examination Department.

BARROSO | HERNÁNDEZ, Documenta® and Protecciona® have strong professional teams with different backgrounds: lawyers, engineers and business experts, as well as criminologists specialized in document examination.

BARROSO | HERNÁNDEZ, Protecciona® y Documenta® have connections with Specialized Research Centers, Universities and Business Schools. We used to participate in local conferences and events and also developing teaching activities for postgraduate and business management programs related to innovation and knowledge management.

BARROSO | HERNÁNDEZ has been a sponsor of "XARXA INNOVACCIÓ", project created by Fomento del Treball in order to promote the development of innovation.

The Partners

The partners of BARROSO | HERNÁNDEZ, Protecciona® y Documenta® are members of: AIPPI (International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property), ALADDA (Literary and Artistic Association for the Protection of Copyright), LES (Licensing Executives Society), SFDF (Société Française de Grafologie), CHFG (Círculo Hispano-Francés de Grafología) y ANCREF (Asociación Nacional Criminalistas Expertos Forenses).

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