Conference on "Innovation, strategy and Patents"

 Successful public participation in the day "Xarxa Innovació" organized by BARROSO | HERNÁNDEZ and Protecciona®.




 With great success of participation, about one hundred people attended on 24 January at the headquarters of Foment del Treball to attend the Conference on "Strategy, Innovation and Patents", organized by Foment del Treball with the collaboration of BARROSO | HERNÁNDEZ and Protecciona®.

The celebration of this day falls in the "Xarxa Innovacció" driven by Foment del Treball since 2005, and they belong BARROSO | HERNÁNDEZ and Protecciona® as sponsors.

During the day, which was directed by Mr. Ignacio M. Barroso and chaired by Mr. Enric Batalla, both of BARROSO | HERNÁNDEZ and Protecciona®, there were three papers on innovation in business strategy (Mr. Joaquim Vilá, IESE professor), the search and analysis of information technology around the world such as patents, for the optimal development of innovation in the enterprise (Mr. Pere Escorsa, President of Technology IALE and Mss. Elicet Cruz, Technical Director of Technology IALE) and how to protect particular innovation through patents (Mr. Enric Carbonell, European Patent Attorney).  


      Ms. Elicet Cruz, Mr. Enric Batalla, Mr. Joaquim Vila, Mr. Antonio Sáenz, Mr. Ignacio M. Barroso and Mr. Pere Escorsa.




29/05/2010 | BARROSO | HERNÁNDEZ